Hearts on Fire

What is hearts of fire you might ask
It is a heart totally devoted to the Lord consumed by Him
Only a heart consumed by Him will display a holy fire --- a heart burning for Jesus

 When a heart is totally given over to Him, the presence of God is present and in His presence we find all the we ever needed, not lacking for any good thing--- for He is the Father of lights 

Therefore when a heart of fire honors the Lord in
lets say for example dance:
Remember King David danced with all that was within him to the Lord. There the presence of God was. He inhabits the praises of His people
His people- those with hearts burning for Him, longing day after day for Him. And there in His presence is all you need.
What do you need? just to name a few:

 Our God can do anything
all things are possible through Him,   and this is the purpose of the ministry of Hearts of Fire.
:To welcome the presence of God in dance, honoring Him    The Most High God,  The God that healeth thee And in His presence He will meet your needs and you will come to know Him in a greater way personally than ever have before when you are consumed in God    You will be changed burning away what is not of God and conforming you into His image

Hearts on Fire
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